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A few projects

Jason Hason // Seattle Real Estate Agent Jason Hason // Seattle Real Estate Agent Jason Hason // Seattle Real Estate Agent

Jason Hason // Seattle Real Estate Agent

Jason Hansen, a Seattle-based buyer’s real estate agent, wanted a simple web presence where his clients could come and get to know him a bit before they met face to face. In particular, Jason needed help crystalizing the skills and experience that set him apart from other real estate agents in his industry. Jason loves connecting good and honest people to one another. To reflect this natural attribute, we made a page dedicated to referrals.



To the small business owners of the world, Chuck Palmer is known as a real-life super hero. That’s because Chuck and his team at Covalent come alongside small business owners and help them succeed at running all aspects of their small business. Partnering with Cloud 9 Pixels, we strategically strengthened Covalent’s brand identity and website by creating an integrated web presence for Covalent.¬†Take a look.

PLAY Story + Film PLAY Story + Film PLAY Story + Film

PLAY Story + Film

In collaboration with the creative geniuses over at Open Book Communication, we created a new brand identity for a Minneapolis-based filmmaker, Rob Kopp.

Cookie Cart Cookie Cart Cookie Cart Cookie Cart

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Cookie Cart

Everybody loves a cookie; especially a cookie with a mission.

Not every copywriting project sends you into the a massive kitchen filled with twenty+ teenagers professionally and effectively working together scooping, mixing, packaging tons tons tons of cookies. Not everyone could be up for such a challenging task. Not everyone could be so lucky. It’s just a good thing they knew to call me!

Cookie Cart is a longstanding, well-respected anchor of the Minneapolis // St. Paul development community. This non-profit is focused on equipping the teenagers in North Minneapolis with meaningful job training and leadership skills in an urban bakery setting.

Their last website showcased top-of-the-line graphics and usability… circa 1996. Yet, our creative team was ¬†thoughtful as we moved forward with the rebranding. We attended meetings with the entire staff and I even had a chance to chat one-on-one with several of the long-timer Cookie Cart students.

We interwove the copy and design to reflect the fun and lightheartedness of teenagers, while remaining professional, informative, and full of personality for cookie buyers and potential donors visiting the website.

I love to talk about this project, just don’t ask me how many cookies I ate as a part of my “research”.

Actionary Actionary Actionary Actionary

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A strategic beginning for a long-term dream.

I was brought on board the Actionary project right as the Founder and Development team were looking for strategic ways to convert their large scale vision for their Wikipedia-like, religious project into bite-size teasers. They were focused on deepening interest in the project across individual donors as well as foundations.

We began by assessing the behavior across Actionary’s various audience streams. I worked closely with the Actionary team to develop brand language and identity, set up a blog prototype, and write content samples for blog posts. Also, I networked with potential blog contributors within the religious community as I maintained an active Twitter presence.

Our persistence in testing how the message of Actionary was received by our originally targeted audiences lead us to discover areas for greater influence and growth within originally un-targarted audiences. Because of this, the project has taken an exciting turn as it pursues a non-profit status.

With a vision for an inclusive spiritual project so bold and grand, I look forward to seeing Actionary take off in the coming years. Stay tuned.

In in the mean time, you can view one of my Actionary writing samples if you like. Just jump here.

Kisa Collections Kisa Collections Kisa Collections

On 13, Oct 2013 | In | By Natalie

Kisa Collections

Kisa Collection Red NecklaceJewelry that tells a story.

When I was approached by the designer and owner of Kisa Collections, Emily Kisa, I knew I was in for a real treat.

Emily has Minnesota blood running deep in her family heritage. Her creativity and wanderlust drew her to Istanbul, Turkey during her college years. And as fate would have it, while she was there she met her husband. Now, with one foot in two worlds, Emily repurposes traditional Turkish textiles into new jewelry with a modern flair.

Emily had been slowly selling her jewelry designs on Etsy and at various Trunk Shows in Turkey as well as here in the Midwest, but she was ready to take her business plan to the next level.

I connected Emily to the very talented graphic designer who created the Kisa Collection logo. Lovely isn’t it? From there, Emily and I worked together closely to write web copy that would expressed Emily’s distinct voice and vision for her jewelry business. You will find one of my absolute favorite pages I wrote for Emily and her Collections here.

I so often get stopped by total strangers when I wear my red poppy Kisa Collection necklace that I’ve started carrying at stack of Emily’s buisness cards on me.


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Messaging + Project Managing | Truessence

Truessence is a non-profit ministry near and dear to my heart. Through workshops, videos, books, and counseling, Truessence helps people see who God really is, who they really are, and how relationships are really suppose to be. Through the hexagon logo and ocean-earth colors, my team and I outfitted Truessence with a new visual identity that exhibits the very bare bones of the work they do and the lives they change. The web copy holds deep roots of Truessence from its eariliest days while simulatiously taking bold strides into who is has grown to be.


She was our developer. And she was the design mind.

KidWind Challenge

On 21, Sep 2013 | In | By Natalie

KidWind Challenge


I’d like to tell you a story about KidWind, because they might just be the coolest clean energy educators I’ve ever met. They love what they do, which is extremely contagious. About that story… it’ll be coming soon.

BANGbang salon & creative space

On 18, Sep 2013 | In | By Natalie

BANGbang salon & creative space

The very fine (and I might I add, quite talented) stylists at BANGbang hair salon and creative space were looking for someone to capture a bit of the extraordinary magic that happens there at the salon day after day.

BANGbang mpls hair salon

After spending time getting to know each of the stylists, I tackled the challenge of capturing such dynamic personalities in a mere slew of sentences for the stylist page. Then, I worked with lovely owner of the salon to write SEO sensitive copy for the home page.

For two years, I worked with the team to develop and implement the social marketing strategy across all BANGbang’s social networks. We even won the reader’s pick for Best Salon in the 2013 Best of Southwest.

Take a peak at the site or, if you are ever in the Kingfield neighborhood of South Minneapolis, you must swing by in and peek your head inside. You certainly won’t regret it. Please know, the stylists are more charming and perfectly dear than you can even imagine.

On 18, Sep 2013 | In | By Natalie

Solos Pizza

Hungry? Of course you are.

Solos Pizza Cafe started back in 2007, right here in my home state of Minnesota. The concept behind their pizza is that everyone is an individual so why share a pizza? The Solos folks wanted a short, fun video that would tell the story of Solos unique, individualized approach to pizza creation.

Solos high standards for ingredients and emphasis on buying local made this project oh-so-easy to get utterly lost in. I created the visual story concepts, wrote the video script, filmed, edited and finalized the entire project.

Can you image how hard it was to think about Solos pizza for hours on end and not be eternally hungry? So. Hard. Let’s just say, I developed some less an ideal habits during this project. More often than not those habits resulted in one too many late night pizza runs to you-know-where.