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Cookie Cart Cookie Cart Cookie Cart Cookie Cart

On 14, Mar 2014 | No Comments | In | By Natalie

Cookie Cart

Everybody loves a cookie; especially a cookie with a mission.

Not every copywriting project sends you into the a massive kitchen filled with twenty+ teenagers professionally and effectively working together scooping, mixing, packaging tons tons tons of cookies. Not everyone could be up for such a challenging task. Not everyone could be so lucky. It’s just a good thing they knew to call me!

Cookie Cart is a longstanding, well-respected anchor of the Minneapolis // St. Paul development community. This non-profit is focused on equipping the teenagers in North Minneapolis with meaningful job training and leadership skills in an urban bakery setting.

Their last website showcased top-of-the-line graphics and usability… circa 1996. Yet, our creative team was ¬†thoughtful as we moved forward with the rebranding. We attended meetings with the entire staff and I even had a chance to chat one-on-one with several of the long-timer Cookie Cart students.

We interwove the copy and design to reflect the fun and lightheartedness of teenagers, while remaining professional, informative, and full of personality for cookie buyers and potential donors visiting the website.

I love to talk about this project, just don’t ask me how many cookies I ate as a part of my “research”.

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