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A few projects

Jason Hason // Seattle Real Estate Agent Jason Hason // Seattle Real Estate Agent Jason Hason // Seattle Real Estate Agent

Jason Hason // Seattle Real Estate Agent

Jason Hansen, a Seattle-based buyer’s real estate agent, wanted a simple web presence where his clients could come and get to know him a bit before they met face to face. In particular, Jason needed help crystalizing the skills and experience that set him apart from other real estate agents in his industry. Jason loves connecting good and honest people to one another. To reflect this natural attribute, we made a page dedicated to referrals.



To the small business owners of the world, Chuck Palmer is known as a real-life super hero. That’s because Chuck and his team at Covalent come alongside small business owners and help them succeed at running all aspects of their small business. Partnering with Cloud 9 Pixels, we strategically strengthened Covalent’s brand identity and website by creating an integrated web presence for Covalent. Take a look.

PLAY Story + Film PLAY Story + Film PLAY Story + Film

PLAY Story + Film

In collaboration with the creative geniuses over at Open Book Communication, we created a new brand identity for a Minneapolis-based filmmaker, Rob Kopp.


On 02, Oct 2013 | In | By Natalie


Messaging + Project Managing | Truessence

Truessence is a non-profit ministry near and dear to my heart. Through workshops, videos, books, and counseling, Truessence helps people see who God really is, who they really are, and how relationships are really suppose to be. Through the hexagon logo and ocean-earth colors, my team and I outfitted Truessence with a new visual identity that exhibits the very bare bones of the work they do and the lives they change. The web copy holds deep roots of Truessence from its eariliest days while simulatiously taking bold strides into who is has grown to be.


She was our developer. And she was the design mind.

KidWind Challenge

On 21, Sep 2013 | In | By Natalie

KidWind Challenge


I’d like to tell you a story about KidWind, because they might just be the coolest clean energy educators I’ve ever met. They love what they do, which is extremely contagious. About that story… it’ll be coming soon.

Tech Dump Tech Dump Tech Dump Tech Dump

On 19, May 2013 | In | By Natalie

Tech Dump

Tech Dump, a local non-profit providing second-chances for economically disadvantaged adults, was badly in need of a total website overhaul. Working closely with the Director at Tech Dump and the web programmer, I developed a web presence content strategy that would cohesively speak to Tech Dump’s diverse target audience.

The client desired fun, engaging, out-of-the-ordinary web copy that would compliment necessary SEO functions while still expressing the company’s lighthearted, personality-driven atmosphere.

Tech Dump is quickly becoming a leading electronics recycling companies here in the Twin Cities.