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Actionary Actionary Actionary Actionary

On 22, Jan 2014 | No Comments | In | By Natalie


A strategic beginning for a long-term dream.

I was brought on board the Actionary project right as the Founder and Development team were looking for strategic ways to convert their large scale vision for their Wikipedia-like, religious project into bite-size teasers. They were focused on deepening interest in the project across individual donors as well as foundations.

We began by assessing the behavior across Actionary’s various audience streams. I worked closely with the Actionary team to develop brand language and identity, set up a blog prototype, and write content samples for blog posts. Also, I networked with potential blog contributors within the religious community as I maintained an active Twitter presence.

Our persistence in testing how the message of Actionary was received by our originally targeted audiences lead us to discover areas for greater influence and growth within originally un-targarted audiences. Because of this, the project has taken an exciting turn as it pursues a non-profit status.

With a vision for an inclusive spiritual project so bold and grand, I look forward to seeing Actionary take off in the coming years. Stay tuned.

In in the mean time, you can view one of my Actionary writing samples if you like. Just jump here.

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