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A few projects

Grussing Roofing Grussing Roofing

On 08, Apr 2015 | No Comments | In | By Natalie

Grussing Roofing

As a family-owned and operated roofing business, Amy and Guy Grussing were looking for ways to grow their business. The early days of their business were when people still kept and used phone books. But with the dawn of that little giant we call the internet, the Grussings were eager to have their business on the first page of Google searches.

By adding front- and back-end SEO, regular blog posts, and an active social media presence, within a few weeks Grussing Roofing was on the front page of local Google searches. Amy and Guy attribute much of their new business to their robust online presence. And I’m just happy the greater Twin Cities area can now easily find such kind and honest business owners.


On 07, Jun 2014 | No Comments | In | By Natalie


Gretchen and Rose Heim are a mother-daughter business duo who have set out to change the way women survive winter. With their highly functional and cute-as-can-be down Minne-skirt leading the way, their winter products are taking the Midwest (and beyond) by storm.

We’ve grown their email subscribers and social media fan base year after year as they take their products directly to consumers at maker events and fairs across Minnesota. My few years partnering with the Heims have taught me that there’s absolutely no stoping a heim-made enthusiast.

Actionary Actionary Actionary Actionary

On 22, Jan 2014 | No Comments | In | By Natalie


A strategic beginning for a long-term dream.

I was brought on board the Actionary project right as the Founder and Development team were looking for strategic ways to convert their large scale vision for their Wikipedia-like, religious project into bite-size teasers. They were focused on deepening interest in the project across individual donors as well as foundations.

We began by assessing the behavior across Actionary’s various audience streams. I worked closely with the Actionary team to develop brand language and identity, set up a blog prototype, and write content samples for blog posts. Also, I networked with potential blog contributors within the religious community as I maintained an active Twitter presence.

Our persistence in testing how the message of Actionary was received by our originally targeted audiences lead us to discover areas for greater influence and growth within originally un-targarted audiences. Because of this, the project has taken an exciting turn as it pursues a non-profit status.

With a vision for an inclusive spiritual project so bold and grand, I look forward to seeing Actionary take off in the coming years. Stay tuned.

In in the mean time, you can view one of my Actionary writing samples if you like. Just jump here.

BANGbang salon & creative space

On 18, Sep 2013 | In | By Natalie

BANGbang salon & creative space

The very fine (and I might I add, quite talented) stylists at BANGbang hair salon and creative space were looking for someone to capture a bit of the extraordinary magic that happens there at the salon day after day.

BANGbang mpls hair salon

After spending time getting to know each of the stylists, I tackled the challenge of capturing such dynamic personalities in a mere slew of sentences for the stylist page. Then, I worked with lovely owner of the salon to write SEO sensitive copy for the home page.

For two years, I worked with the team to develop and implement the social marketing strategy across all BANGbang’s social networks. We even won the reader’s pick for Best Salon in the 2013 Best of Southwest.

Take a peak at the site or, if you are ever in the Kingfield neighborhood of South Minneapolis, you must swing by in and peek your head inside. You certainly won’t regret it. Please know, the stylists are more charming and perfectly dear than you can even imagine.

On 18, Sep 2013 | In | By Natalie

Hope Clinic

Treating patients, naturally.

When I’m not strategizing and creating content for Hope Clinic’s social media platforms, you’ll find me peppering Dr. Brad with questions as I collect information for the next post for Dr. Brad’s blog.

I’ve been working with the good practioners at Hope Clinic for over four years now. I generate consistent blog content packed full of practical & natural health tips for the Hope Clinic patient community. Lucky me.


Access 2 Tanzania

By cmccullough

On 18, Sep 2013 | In | By cmccullough

Access 2 Tanzania

While our tall cups of sweet tea were busy sweating from the early morning heat, the founders of Access 2 Tanzania (A2T) and I were busy swapping tales of traveling, safaris, elephants, dream vacations, and, of course, social media. They peppered me with great questions like:

  • “We have a Facebook page, but we want to use it more effectively?”
  • “We heard we should have goals for social media, but what kind of goals should we have?”
  • “Can social media really help us find new clients and build our business?”

We developed a fully customized consulting strategy aimed to address and provide concrete direction for all A2T’s social presence – we even did a hands-on training session for the entire A2T staff. Visit their booming Facebook page here.

Now, excuse me while I go book my ticket to Tanzania.


Curious to know more? Feel free to contact me and we can talk.

Neighborhood Development Center // NDC

On 11, Sep 2013 | No Comments | In | By Natalie

Neighborhood Development Center // NDC

Their model is brilliant. Support the neighborhood economy by equipping the community’s neighbors. What’s even more inspiring is that… it’s working. To put it plainly, NDC is in the business of building neighborhood economies from within by equipping community members with the necessary tools to start their own business.

Our pathes crossed when NDC decided it was high time for their marketing and communications team to put strategy behind their social media planning. And together, that’s exactly what we did. Feel free to contact me directly if you’re curious for more of the story.

Find NDC on Facebook // Twitter


Psst! Round of applause goes to NDC on winning the E Pluribus Unum Prize for exceptional immigrant integration initiatives! Don’t miss their more than excellent group photo featuring Amy Klobuchar.