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A few projects

On 18, Sep 2013 | In | By Natalie

Solos Pizza

Hungry? Of course you are.

Solos Pizza Cafe started back in 2007, right here in my home state of Minnesota. The concept behind their pizza is that everyone is an individual so why share a pizza? The Solos folks wanted a short, fun video that would tell the story of Solos unique, individualized approach to pizza creation.

Solos high standards for ingredients and emphasis on buying local made this project oh-so-easy to get utterly lost in. I created the visual story concepts, wrote the video script, filmed, edited and finalized the entire project.

Can you image how hard it was to think about Solos pizza for hours on end and not be eternally hungry? So. Hard. Let’s just say, I developed some less an ideal habits during this project. More often than not those habits resulted in one too many late night pizza runs to you-know-where.