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A few projects

Access 2 Tanzania

By cmccullough

On 18, Sep 2013 | In | By cmccullough

Access 2 Tanzania

While our tall cups of sweet tea were busy sweating from the early morning heat, the founders of Access 2 Tanzania (A2T) and I were busy swapping tales of traveling, safaris, elephants, dream vacations, and, of course, social media. They peppered me with great questions like:

  • “We have a Facebook page, but we want to use it more effectively?”
  • “We heard we should have goals for social media, but what kind of goals should we have?”
  • “Can social media really help us find new clients and build our business?”

We developed a fully customized consulting strategy aimed to address and provide concrete direction for all A2T’s social presence – we even did a hands-on training session for the entire A2T staff. Visit their booming Facebook page here.

Now, excuse me while I go book my ticket to Tanzania.


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