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rub your arms moments: are you listening?

On 30, Nov 2011 | No Comments | In remembering | By Natalie

i once had a teacher
who would rub her arms 
full of goosebumps and implore
her class,
“shhh! shhhh!!
did you hear it?!
weren’t you listening?!”

she was not everyone’s favorite.
she gave us B’s.
sometimes C’s.
shook her head
and told us we weren’t trying hard enough,
just when we thought we were.

she marched out when we were
she pursed her lips, piercing 
us with silence, when we
didn’t listen.
she moaned when we couldn’t
hear our own faults.

and worse…
she made us do it 
again & again & again.

we would say, i’m no good.
she would say, you can be.
we would say, i can’t.
she would say, you can.
we would say, i won’t ever.
she would say, you will.
but we loved her.

when she was absent for even a day,
we begged to have her back.
she stole our hearts.

we might not have known.
she might not have known.
it didn’t matter.
because she taught us
what she was.







she taught us these things.

but most importantly
she taught us
to listen.

to listen to 
our own voice.
to the voice beside us.
and the voices all around.

she taught us to love beauty.
beauty that we
standing together
working toward one thing…

she taught us
harmony and perfection
could come into a single moment.

she taught us to
notice the moments.

she would gasp.
and glow.
her excitement
and wonder penetrating the room,
rubbing her arms.

“did you hear it?!
are you listening?”

the body knows beauty.

but she taught us to listen for it.
and appreciate it.

this teacher
she doesn’t know. 
she can’t.
of how often my mind wanders to her.
to her classes
where she would push and push us.
bubble with pleasure
rubbing to her arms…

because of her,
there is always something for me
about a choir…
those moments.
only envoked by voices
working together.
to create
those moments of perfection… harmony
and utter beauty.

it touches something deep inside.

do you hear it?
are you listening?

may choirs find you.
may you find them.
and may you notice
the moments.
and rub arms full of goosebumps.

let the season begin,

ps beautiful images found herehere & here.

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