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By Natalie

5 things one should do when moving solo to a new city

On 05, May 2014 | No Comments | In sharing | By Natalie

1. Be somewhere that has a view

Our eyes and souls crave beauty, they need it to survive. So when you’re suddenly stripped of all your usual coping tactics and comforting friends, your insides will crave this beauty more than ever. When you have such a craving, drop everything and listen.

2014-07-09 21.34.18

2. If it’s possible, find old friends who will take you in for a month or two while you sort things out.

(Warning: for this independent types, it can be challenging to receive such generous help like this. But if it’s offered, say yes, it’ll be beautiful.) Its best if these friends are cute and into questionable activities.

2014-05-21 10.19.28-1

3. Buy the book.

So when you move to this new place, you must have come with some visions for what your life would look like once you arrived. You know, the things you wanted to conquer, take on, how you’d spend your time. The interwebs are good and helpful, but when in doubt, go to the used bookstore and purchase yourself the book that will accompany you as you live out your new reality. This book will become your friend.

2014-05-23 20.55.15

4. Listen to yourself.

When people heard I was moving to a new place, many wanted to offer the best advice they had. And so I was repeatedly offered this: “just say yes to every opportunity that comes your way—even if you’re tired.” Being just a few months in now, I can now offer back a hesitant: “yes, I agree—mostly.”

When in a new place and context, it’s  good to push yourself into new experiences and situations. Because most of the time, I’m sure you’ll smile and say, “yes, I’m so thankful those moments happened.” But whether you are in a new city or the city of your birth, saying “yes” out of fear is no good reason to say yes at all. Saying “yes” when you can, I’m coming to believe, is a much better life skill to cultivate.

5. Drink alone and don’t be afraid to talk to strangers.

2014-05-25 17.27.44



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By Natalie

the words find us

On 22, May 2013 | No Comments | In sharing | By Natalie

“i shall make all things well,
and i will make all things well;
and you will see yourself that every
kind of thing will be well.”


Julian of Norwich,
a mysterious, female mystic
from a tumultuously mysterious time.
it has been said that when
Mother Julian was writing these words,
she was expressing her
deepest sense of spirituality and 
beliefs about her Creator.
she authored,
Sixteen Revelations of Divine Love,
when she was only 30 years old.
this book is said to be the first
book written by an English woman.
words seem to find us.
and it’s remarkable how words,
said more than 600
years ago
still have the power to
jump off the page
and make me
catch my breath.
on a wednesday afternoon
in a random book
off the highest shelf
at one of my favorite city

she asked the sun.

On 24, Apr 2013 | No Comments | In creating, sharing | By Natalie

And so, she asked the sun,
“Sun, how is it that every day you
are able to shine so bright?”
But the sun did not respond.
And so she asked again,
“Sun, what makes you give off
such heat?”
But again, the sun did not respond.
Discouraged, the girl crosses her arms
across her chess,
turns on her heels,
and begins to march away
down the broken sidewalk.
It is then that the girl sees {and feels} it:
the warmth on her back and
the light on the road ahead.
And the girl thinks,
“My path, ever golden, follows the sun.”
– a poem by my friend written to me
quite some time ago.

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By Natalie

enjoying the impractical.

On 03, Jun 2012 | 2 Comments | In sharing | By Natalie

cheers to summer.

did you feel it today?
were you in it?
were you all about it?
were you absorbed?

on days like these my
{sometimes too serious}
needs to be reminded
to do things.
just to do them.

somedays my
{often too serious}
needs to be reminded
to be a bit less practical
and just

lucky for me.
i have friends who help
my soul

and enjoy
the impractical.

so instead of going out
to get some practical
food item like breakfast,
lunch or dinner.
she & i went to get
(of all impractical things)
a sweet.

at this place…

yum indeed!
while i’ve had a few treats
from this fabulous
establishment over the years,
i’d never before set foot in
their cafe.
and boy oh boy have i been
missing out.
one fork-full at at time,
as summer surrounded us
{sometimes a little too serious}
was gently reminded to
forget about all the things
she wasn’t doing
and instead
kick her feet up,
grab a fork
and just enjoy.


to sweets.
to my friends who teach me.
to enjoying the impractical.

oh and
dear summer…
cheers to you.

– n.



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By Natalie

tips from a friend.

On 16, Feb 2012 | No Comments | In sharing | By Natalie

i got the chance
to spend the afternoon
with an young friend
a special treat.

i learned a few things by just

with him.
perhaps i thought you might like to


number one:
read-a-louds really do
make car trips
go by faster.

number two: 
when excited, jump up and down because
actions really do speak
louder than words.

number three:
hold hands.
it’s more fun.

number four:
if the opportunity presents itself
paint your face to match your

number five:
your never too old
{or too young}
to throw your head back
and enjoy a good
knock-knock joke.

number six:
every place is just another
to make new people 
fall in love with you.
life lessons
– n.



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By Natalie

necessary mornings.

On 20, Jan 2012 | No Comments | In sharing | By Natalie

some mornings there
is only one thing
that can
possibly be done.

so when the
weather gauge
is lamenting the tale
of negative numbers.

when that long lost
white substance
is making it’s
fall to join us on earth.

one must take
the necessary steps
this sort of morning presents.

put on the kettle.
snuggle into your best scarf.
tuck the laptop under your arm.
and start the day

in bed.

and don’t forget
your cuppa



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By Natalie

little bit of everything

On 17, Jan 2012 | No Comments | In sharing | By Natalie

so the Dawes inspired me.
and i couldn’t help it.

| it’s a little bit of everything |
it’s the sunshine | it’s the breeze

| it’s the stacks of reading |
| it’s the hope for a friend |
| it’s believing the words around me | 

| it’s the trusting when i can’t |

 | it’s the little bit of everything |

– n.



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By Natalie

just a moment with my radio.

On 16, Jan 2012 | No Comments | In sharing | By Natalie

It doesn’t happen that often. Just sometimes. But when it does, there is something profound and sacred which makes me want to stop everything and just listen. Every other task becomes menial and the final destination seems to matter very little, if at all. A spell. Yes, that’s what happens, a spell comes over me, just like in the fairytales. This of course, only confirms those great works of literature are obviously nonfiction.

You know this feeling? I’m sure you must, it’s when a song. A song, not known to you makes its maden voyage into your hungry eardrums. The first encounter. When the musician and instruments and you are the only things in existence.

Yes, that moment.
Common on. We both know.
It’s magic.

Today that moment happened with me, the Dawesthis song, and these words:

It’s a little bit of everything It’s the mountains | It’s the fog | It’s the news at six o’clock | It’s the death of my first dog | It’s the angels up above me | It’s the song that they don’t sing | It’s a little bit of everything.

A spell.

I told you, magic.

–  n. 



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By Natalie


On 12, Jan 2012 | No Comments | In sharing | By Natalie

it’s true.
you’ve probably heard it

one should always celebrate

using sparklers.
and we did.
– n.

a donut discovery

On 17, Dec 2011 | 2 Comments | In sharing, Uncategorized | By Natalie

this week i was
introduced to a new friend.

it was instant attraction.
some might call it:
love at first look.

upon the first moments 
of being together
it felt like we had known
each other all along.
like we’d never
been apart.

this friend was meant for me.
and i was, obviously meant
for this friend.

this is the friend
i had never known
i had always been waiting for.

and that is why our meeting is
serendipitously perfect.
a true fairytale
if you’ve ever heard one.

we met.
at a neighborhood favorite
called the Donut Cooperative

it took me a minute to know.
to know that is was
indeed this friend.
this friend that was meant
to be.

but after she was
on the plate.
all doubts were far far away.
like probably as
far as St. Paul.
that’s how far.

her name?
curry coconut donut.

depends on who you are,
but you might have to
trust me on this one.

she was perfect in 
every way.

the other person i was
there with
…she made other friends.
but none as special
as my new friend.

 the whole place was

full of vibrant color &
clean-straight lines.

there is one cozy corner
to saddle up to 
if your desire is to
stay the morning away.

the staff is quirky & kind
and just crazy about
their creations.

the owner Dawn was there
that morning.
baking away.
and she seemed genuinely
pleased to know
her donut brilliance
brought me 
and my new friend together.

and i will probably
never be the same again. 

so dear curry coconut donut.
until we meet again.
at the,
yours truly.

– n.