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revisiting old friends.

On 22, Nov 2011 | No Comments | In remembering, sharing | By Natalie

i am constantly looking
for new books to read.
new releases.
the best of 2011.
the best books in the last century.
must reads.
new york time reviews.
meandering through bookstores.
yes please.
as much as i love the new.
lately in my book reading
i’ve taken sometime
to do some remembering…
some revisiting…
have you revisited any of your
and most favoritest
of friends lately?
have you dusted them off
and paid them some long
quality time?
have you smiled the knowing
smile when the part comes
and you know precisely
how your friend
will respond?
“just how many dresses
did you say you had, Wanda Petronski?”
“a hundred. a hundred dresses.
all lined up in my closet.”
“i’ll give him a balloon.
i’ve got one left from my party.”
“that, Piglet, is a 
very good idea…
it will cheer Eeyore up.
nobody can be
uncheered with
a balloon.”
“Mr. Bennet, you take delight 
in vexing me. 
you have no compassion on
my poor nerves.”
“you mistake me, my dear. 
i have a high respect 
for your nerves. 
they are my old friends. 
i have heard you mention them with 
consideration these twenty years 
at least!”
and in your revisiting?
have you noticed something
you haven’t noticed before?
“but of course we can’t take
any credit
for our talents. 
it’s how we use them 
that counts.”
and so it is with
reoccurring visits.
with these old friends
there is a
sort of
than cannot be explained.
can you remember the first
time you were
to these gems?
for some yes.
for some no.
for some friends are so deep
apart of me
i cannot remember not knowing.
but others are new friends
and their wisdom
is still sinking in.
have you read any
old favorites as of late?
due tell…
due tell…
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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