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A few projects

Global Cool // Guest Post

On 19, Sep 2013 | In | By Natalie

Global Cool // Guest Post

How to say a sweet goodbye to shampoo.

One of the many random things I did while I was living and teaching in Daegu, South Korea was experiment with various ways to simplify my life. My good friend and I spent many mornings before work asking ourselves questions like:

  • What can we cut back on?
  • How can we use less and leave less waste?
  • What parts of our routine do we consider “normal” that we can change?

One of the things we came up with was shampoo, conditioner and soap. And so we began experimenting with the “No Poo Method”. Not only did we try it, but we also wrote about it and invited our friends and family back home to try it too. And you know what’s funny and totally crazy? They did.

One of the editors from Global Cool stumbled upon our original blog post and asked if I’d write an article for the Global Cool community too. Of course I was more than happy to. Read it here.