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Amy Kolz // Guest Post

On 21, Aug 2013 | In | By Natalie

Amy Kolz // Guest Post

One big world full of small connections.

Sitting in a big, poofy heap of drippy, slushy winter-ness right there in the card aisle at Target – that’s when I first discovered Amy’s writing. Through blurred, tear-filled eyes I read card after card of her Cadence line by American Greeting Cards, each card was more perfect than the last one. I felt an immediate connection to the writer behind these cards; she was saying things as I might say them.

It’s a simply but lengthy little story about how Amy and I became email friends shortly after my aisle-sitting, teary mess.  Amy has shared a bit of her story with me and I’ve shared a bit of my story with her. Like we do in life. There’s nothing particularly extraordinary about the story, besides that the story is ours and I love it.

One time I wrote about her here on my own blog, you can read it if you like.

I still distinctly remember the morning I opened the email from Amy that asked me if I would be interested in writing a guest post for her blog. Mother’s Day was the occasion. You can take a peek here and read what came out if you like.

Amy and I are still email friends, today. Perhaps someday we’ll meet. I think it will be near the ocean.